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Tuesday @2 Email Newsletter


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Policies and Guidelines

The Tuesday@2 (T@2) Email Newsletter is an important and valuable means of communication to not only DTC|Greenwood Village Chamber members, but nearly 4000 additional community subscribers.  It contains important news about upcoming events, business openings and announcements, special promotions, and other noteworthy and helpful information.  It is provided as a service to our members; in order to maintain and build its value to members and subscribers alike, the Chamber Board has enacted these Policies and Guidelines to help you use this valuable tool, effective January 1, 2013.

Scheduling Deadlines


  • Space in T@2 is reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Frequency of submissions, space available, and the priority of submissions are limited on an annual basis and based upon the volume of Chamber announcements, and the Sponsorship-Level of Members submitting the request. You may request to reserve space at any time during the year, provided that it is at least 10 days before the desired edition and artwork/content must be submitted with your request.  Space is limited and not guaranteed.  In order to preserve the value of our electronic advertising options to our members, we will not be able to include additional entries beyond the Policy Guidelines.  We strongly recommend that you schedule your space as early as possible so that you receive the most value from this member benefit.

Artwork/Content Submission:

  • All artwork/content for a reserved space must be received by the T@2 Editor at least 10 days in advance of the target edition.  For late submissions or artwork/content to be considered for insertion, they must be accompanied by a $100 late fee paid in advance by credit card to the Chamber.  The late fee will be refunded should the submission not be included in the edition requested. 


Feature Articles – Maximum of 2 per edition

  • Description:  These prominently featured articles showcase organizations and upcoming area events or announcements.  They are reserved on a first come, first serve basis and are available to Chamber members and non-members alike for an insertion fee.  This fee is included in certain levels of Membership and Sponsorships.  Please check your membership level to see if this benefit is included.



Non-Members:                  $200 per submission

Basic Members:   1 free per year, $100 per additional submission

Sponsorship Level Members:  Varies with Sponsorship Level

Design fee assistance: $45 per hour/$100 per hour rush charge within 24 hours of insertion deadline



Appropriate content can be in either editorial or announcement format and should include basic information (what, where, when, contact information, etc.), a web link for further information if available. Logos and event images are allowed, but will be limited in quantity.  Due to software program requirements, event information will only be accepted in a Word document format and image/logo submissions will be accepted in JPEG, PNG or PDF formats.  If assistance is required in converting content to these formats, or designing and creating submissions, additional time will be required and an additional design fee will be charged; credit card payment must be provided with the request.

Calendar of Events

  • Description:  Events must occur within 30 days of edition and can be promoted each consecutive week for up to 4 weeks.  This event announcement forum is free and available to all membership levels and includes up to 1 submission per calendar quarter per year that is included in basic membership. 
  • Pricing:  Free with membership.  Not available to non-members.
  • Content:  Appropriate content will include basic event information (what, where, when, contact information), as well as a web link, if applicable.  No images or detailed information will be accepted.

Sponsor/Member Highlight– Maximum of 1 per Edition

  • Description: This editorial-style article features Chamber Members and their businesses in a way that recognizes their contributions to the Chamber and the Community.  In addition to the article, the Company logo is included along with a brief description of their organization, as well as a message of gratitude for their membership and contribution to the Chamber and the Community.
  • Pricing: Free with membership. Not available to non-members.  Nominations are received by the T@2 Editorial Committee and approved by the Chamber Board.
  • Content:  Draft article to be submitted by the featured organization and formatted by the T@2 Editorial Committee, with the approval of the selected organization and Chamber Board.

“Hot” Deals – Max of 2 per Edition

  • Description: These promotional ads shall include special promotions available exclusively to Chamber members and should offer value to members by advertising some kind of special discount, sale, or other added benefit.  These will only appear on the left-hand column of the newsletter edition.
  • Pricing:  Free to members up to 1 submission per calendar quarter, per year.   Non-members are charged $250 per submission, per edition.
  • Content:  Appropriate Content should be in ad-like format and should include details of the promotion only.  Submissions will ONLY be accepted in JPEG format.  If assistance is required in converting content to these formats or designing the ad, an additional design fee will be charged.  Submitters are highly encouraged to provide a website link in their copy where subscribers can obtain additional information.

GV Young Pro’s Information

  • Description: This left-hand column feature will include a brief description, web link and contact information for interested Young Pro’s.  Additionally, any immediate upcoming events will be listed.

New Member Information

  • Description:  The names of new Chamber members will be listed in the left-hand column of the newsletter; welcoming them to our organization.  Additionally, their name listings will link to their websites, if applicable.

*A Note About Charitable Event Announcements:  Event announcements that are purely charitable in nature (for example, “Toys for Tots” toy drives, etc.) will be free of charge. However, events that include charitable donations, but also benefit an organization, will still incur the normal charges.

Other Electronic Advertising Options

Special Announcements – Max 2 per Week

  • Description:  Special Announcements are an exclusive eblast announcing one event or announcement.  This is a separate tool from the Tuesday @ 2 and is available for a fee.
  • Pricing:                 Non-Members:  $300 per submission

Basic Members:
 1 free per year, $200 per additional submission

Sponsorship Level Members:
  Varies with Sponsorship level

Design fee:
$45 per hour/$100 per hour rush charge if within 24 hours

  • Content:  Appropriate content should include basic information (what, where, when, contact information), a web link for further information if applicable, and logos or event images if available.  Submissions will ONLY be accepted in JPEG or PDF format.  If assistance is required in converting content to these formats or designing the ad, an additional design fee will be charged.

Contact Information

For more information regarding DTC|Greenwood Village Chamber electronic communications:

Michelle Lapierre, Marketing + Member Communications: michelle@dtcchamber.com


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