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DTC | YP Mentorship Program

Mentorship is key to career success for Young Professionals. We know that no one starts at the top and there are many lessons to be learned throughout one's career. As a community organization that aims at driving business through relationships, we have created an impactful and meaningful mentorship program that is a great benefit to our Young Professional (YP) members.

The DTC|YP Mentorship Program is designed to enhance personal and professional growth while ultimately building a stronger business community. The program offers mentorship opportunities for our YP members both on a one-on-one basis and in group settings. We are very fortunate to have strong intellectual resources available within the DTC business community. Likewise, we have attracted some of the brightest and most talented business professionals in the area to volunteer their time in a mentorship capacity.

The program kicks off each year in September. The initial event is designed in a speed dating format to give each YP member the opportunity to meet a majority of the eligible mentors. From there, we gather feedback from each of the participants and use that information to appoint mentorship pairings. If you are interested in participating in our next program, please contact Justin Nimock, President of the DTC Young Pros, at 303-820-5039 or by email at justin.nimock@ubs.com.



This mentorship opportunity is only available to DTC Chamber and Young Professional members.
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